The telescope houses 
of Buffalo, New York
Photography by David Schalliol

Everything you 
touch is a problem
Article by Sarah Wesseler

Let’s talk about a town
Article & photographs by Jen Kinney

Cardboard books 
in Argentina’s 
long crisis
Article by Michael McCanne

Walk-in salon, Shanghai
Text & images by Hera Chan

New York City:

New York City timeline

More than Manhattan
Interview with Tom Angotti

Fragments of 
endless possibilities
Photography by Saul Leiter

Broadway revisited: 
Notes on a poetics 
of infrastructure
Article by Ryan Madson

Photograhy by Cameron Blaylock
Poems by Dolan Morgan

Architectural alternatives
Interview with 
Pedro Gadanho

5Pointz lives
Article by Nick Kolakowski

We cut Brooklyn
Photography by 
Charles Aydlett

Sandy, Occupy, information, and resilience
Interview with 
Devin Balkind

Jamaica in New York
Article by Saxon Baird

Article by Dan Rubenstein

Everything in its 
right place?
Photography by 
Shayok Mukhopadhyay
Introduction by Andrew Wade

Blues man of the dirt
Narrative by Jeremiah Lockwood

The un-institutional 
Photography by 
Aliza Eliazarov
Narrative by Emma Fryer

Housing, history, and policy in the South Bronx
Text & images by Andrea Oppedisano

Farewell to 
traffic lights
Article by Sarah M. Kaufman

Art world New York
Photography by 
Justin Aversano
Text by Lauren Palmer


Noam Chomsky on the era of the drone
Interview by Steven Garbas

Law of the land
Art by Peter von Tiensenhausen

War and peace in Belfast’s murals
Article by Maximillian Rapp and Michael Rapp

Article by Sarah Wesseler

Article by Shireef Darwish

Art by Michael Baccam and Stephen Knezovich

Ali Baba in New York, part II
Essay by Ali Baba


A brief history of Toronto

On the (cutting) edge of the global city
Article by Jean-Paul Addie and Rob Fiedler

Dancehall days
Photography by Beth Lesser

Ten years of Spacing Toronto
Interview with Matthew Blackett

The slabs vs. the points: Toronto’s two tower booms
Article by Graeme Stewart, Josh Thorpe, and Michael McClelland

Art / Toronto
Art by Robert Canali, Andrew Emond, Tristram Lansdowne, Vanessa Maltese, Derek Sullivan, Jesse Louttit, and Denise Santillan

Hurting the ones you love: A codependent abusive relationship between a city and its public transit
Article by Sherrill Sutherland

Following the water
Photography by Michael Cook

Heart trouble: how Toronto clogged its main artery
Article by Steven Garbas

Don’t you fucking know? I’m Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of this city!
Article by Steven Garbas

If you build it, we will pay: Tallying the cost of the Skydome
Article by Philip Irwin


Noam Chomsky on Iran
Interview by Steven Garbas &
 Natalie Nanowski

Mumbai and violence
Essay by Riddhi Shah

Ali Baba 
in New York
Nonfiction by Ali Baba

The new
Article by Sarah 

Continental drift
Essay by Ashley Rawlings

Nonfiction by Marc Thorpe

Herold's icelandic sublime
Art by Jorg Herold

Family and
 the science
 of art
Art by Fereydoon Family


A very brief
 history of Montreal

Start from
 the facts
Interview with Phyllis Lambert

Essay by Peter Soland

Art / Montreal
Art by Marie-Claire Blais, Pascal Grandmaison, Francois Morelli, Normand Rajotte, Michelle Furlong, Trevor Kiernander, Thomas Kneubuhler, Yannick Desranleau, Chloe Lum, and Matt Shane

Sounds for the people
Interview with Casa del Popolo's 
Peter Burton

Walk the region
Essay by Alanah Heffez
 & Joël Thibert

Au revoir Montreal
Interviews with ex-Montrealers

 architecture, and the city 
of the future
Essay by Vedanta

Lamentations of a Montreal musician
Essay by Tony Ezzy

Sexy activism
Essay by The Lady Josephine


Noam Chomsky: The end of the American century
Interview by Steven Garbas

Photo opportunities: African commemorative cloths

Gentle anarchy
Art by Bart Lodewijks

Snowman (don’t thank me yet)
Fiction by Simon Hansgrohe

Art by Cao Yingbin

How the world works: Chris Hedges
Interview by Steven Garbas

All in a day’s work
Fiction by Nick Kolakowski

Kidnapping rabbits
Fiction by Michael Baccam

Sacred space?
Essay by Colin Asher

New Orleans:

Memory of the flood
Essay by Jason Berry

The flood notebooks & other poems
Poems by Nicole Cooley, Brad Richard, Susan Bernofsky, and Nathan Savin Scott

Halloween 2005
Essay by T. R. Johnson

Art / NOLA
Interview with Dan Cameron. Art by Troy Dugas, Kyle Bravo, Jenny LeBlanc, Brian Guidry, Hannah Chalew, and Willie Birch

The death of Lower Mid-City
Photographs by Stephen Hilger