Cities+ October event


Satellite is back in Brooklyn on October 14 with more short talks about cities. This month, we’ll hear about:

Willets Point
Willets Point, ugly and unloved, is slowly disappearing off the face of Queens, redeveloped by the people who brought you its neighbor, Citi Field. Shayok Mukhopadhyay used a large-format camera to make formal portraits of the people who are disappearing along with it. They chopped up old cars, sold the parts, fixed younger cars with those parts, played fútbol, grilled their steaks over old oil drums. He will talk about them, and what happens to us when we refuse to look at the consequences of our consumption.

Haiti in New York
Since 2009, Brooklyn-based Haiti Cultural Exchange has been developing programs designed to present Haitian culture to a broad audience while supporting new and established artists, promoting cross-cultural exchange, and encouraging dialogue around contemporary social issues. Co-founder and executive director Régine M. Roumain will discuss.

Public and below-market housing
The Institute for Public Architecture, a new organization promoting socially engaged design, is currently presenting Total Reset, a program series exploring solutions for New York’s housing crisis. Executive director Karen Kubey will present.

Art, culture, and community
Caron Atlas, co-director of Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts New York, will discuss the group’s efforts to understand the role of art in New York City neighborhoods and advocate for creative economies and cultural districts.

Hope to see you at The Way Station (683 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights) at 7:30. Admission is free.