Montreal / Vedanta Balbahadur

We’re excited to feature writing and photography by multitalented architect Vedanta Balbahadur in our current issue. Below, recent shots of everyday life in Montreal.

Cyclists on Clark and Fairmount Streets in the Mile End

Westmount Park and Victoria Hall

Sir George Etienne Cartier Monument in Mount Royal Park

Musicians playing at Tam Tams (a popular informal gathering of drummers at the base of Mount Royal) on Sunday evening, long after most crowds have gone home

A dancer at Tam Tams after sunset

IBM Tower, CIBC Tower, and downtown Montreal at dusk

Water tower in the Mile End

An evening on the balcony in the Mile End

McGill Ghetto

St-Sulpice Street, Old Montreal

Old Custom House (Pointe-à-Callière Museum), St-Paul Street, Old Montreal

Boustan Lebanese Restaurant

Dominion Square Tavern

Corner of Sherbrooke and University Streets

Depanneur Le Pick Up (a "depanneur" is a corner store; Le Pick Up is also a snack bar/restaurant/hub for local artists)

Depanneur Le Pick Up

Westmount Square

Sunset over Mount Royal