Credit Banning Eyre
A brief history of Afropop
Afropop Worldwide senior editor Banning Eyre gave us his perspective on the past few decades of African music.
Justin Aversano’s New York
Skateboarders, diners, and other New York scenes from photographer Justin Aversano, whose work will be featured in our upcoming issue.
Credit Giulio Vesprini
Artworld Italy: Giulio Vesprini
Artist and graphic designer Giulio Vesprini spoke with us about living and working in Civitanova Marche, Italy.
Credit Rob Fiedler
On the (cutting) edge of the global city
Geographers Jean-Paul Addie and Rob Fiedler on the ways in which changes in Toronto's suburbs are redefining the city as a whole.
Credit Doudy Charles
Artworld Haiti: Doudy Charles
An interview with artist Doudy Charles, a Port-au-Prince native who relocated to northeast Haitian city Fort Liberté after the 2010 earthquake.
Courtesy of the archives of Uno and Sylvia Prii.
The slabs vs. the points: Toronto’s two tower booms
An exploration of the relationship between Toronto's current condo boom and its midcentury predecessor.
Youth Promotion Crew with Taxi, by Beth Lesser
Toronto art prints
We've partnered with Circuit Gallery to offer art prints featuring Toronto artists Tristram Lansdowne, Beth Lesser, and Jesse Louttit.
Don’t you fucking know? I’m Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of this city!
On the rise (and resilience) of Rob Ford in light of Toronto's controversial 1998 amalgamation.
choppedCredit Rob Fiedler