Credit Flickr user Chris Kruessling.
Cities+ April event
On Tuesday, April 14, we're hosting short talks about data in urban farming, Williamsburg history, New York City taxis, and participatory budgeting.
From the Little Hell series. Courtesy of John Sturdy of Elite Electro.
Sound and space in Chicago and Pittsburgh
Chicago's Contraphonic publishes music and sound recordings exploring the urban environment in its hometown and beyond.
Ted Williams playing in Times Square. Credit Flickr user Kenneth Lu via Creative Commons license.
Blues man of the dirt
Musician Jeremiah Lockwood recalls an adolescence spent playing on New York's streets and subways with blues master Ted Williams.
Still from the 1984 film Los Sures, courtesy of Ellen Tolmie.
Shot by shot, Brooklyn histories revealed
A Brooklyn documentary arts organization is using a 1984 film to connect its neighborhood's past and present.
Farewell to traffic lights
Sarah M. Kaufman considers the future of urban streets in the smartphone era and beyond.
Credit Flickr user bumbleleaf (via Creative Commons license).
Music in Mali, through an Afropolitan lens
An interview with ethnomusicologist Ryan Skinner, whose work focuses on Africa and its diasporas.
Credit and copyright James Cridland via Creative Commons
More than Manhattan
Urban planner and activist Tom Angotti discusses common (and damaging) misconceptions about New York City and the surrounding region.
Credit Isa Encela
Ali Baba in New York
An illegal immigrant from the Ivory Coast remembers his first few days in New York.
choppedCredit Rob Fiedler